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Administration represents your government's management capacity in this territory.

The more population and distance from the capital, the harder it is to manage the territory. But it can also be improved by active policies and services in the territory such as Scribes helping in the territory's administration.

Production factors[edit | edit source]

Territorial policies[edit | edit source]

City policies[edit | edit source]

Capital policies[edit | edit source]

Scribes[edit | edit source]

Global factors[edit | edit source]

Number of Regions[edit | edit source]

Cost = 0.05 * Production * (Regions - 1)

Distance of Capital[edit | edit source]

Cost = 0.1 * Production * Distance

Regional Claims[edit | edit source]

Cost = 2 * Claims

Regional Territories[edit | edit source]


Local factors[edit | edit source]

Population management[edit | edit source]

Cost = Population / 10

Buildings management[edit | edit source]

Cost = per building

The Effects of Administration[edit | edit source]

Economy[edit | edit source]

A weak administration will increase the waste generated in the economy.