Animal breeding

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Animal breeding
5 Farmers
Cattle Farm 1, Pasture 1, Wool Pasture 1
Animal capture

Making new animals[edit | edit source]

In the wilderness herds grow bigger every year and there is always new animals to hunt! How does that happen ? We know how to take care of the few beasts we captured and keep in paddocks for times of need. But what if we found a way to manage and breed them efficiently like they do in the wilderness? We could produce our own animals without needing to hunt them! But could we manage bigger herds of animals? Feeding them, garding them, managing their breeding and giving birth...

Potential Requirements[edit | edit source]

  1. Having research Animal capture
  2. Wait (There is maybe more step, we are not sure)

Possibly butchering captured animals.

Possibly having 3 paddocks.

(Triggered breeding from having a single paddock with 6 animals in it)

Info[edit | edit source]

Animal Breeding is a simple way to upgrade your meat and leather production without the need to go and take animal in the wild.