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Animal Capture an important stone age tech that allows armies to use the capture action on wild animals and unlocks butchers and paddocks to store and slaughter them. It is a requirement for Animal Breeding technology. It is recommended to not slaughter captured livestock and instead store them until Animal Breeding is researched as later in the game wild animal "armies" will most likely become extinct or be very rare to come across. For more information about animals.

Animal capture
Animal capture2.jpg
5 Farmers
Paddock 1, Butcher 1, Elephant pen 3 (with Stonecutting), Animal Capturing
Domestic dog, Javelin

In-Game Description: "Keeping livestocks"[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, hunters manage to capture preys unharmed, or they find youngsters that remained alone. Other times, some herbivor animals come wandering near the village seemingly indifferent to our presence. What if we built walls around them to keep them near the village for times of need? This way if the hunters fail to catch anything, we can still have fresh meat for the tribe! We would need to learn to take care of them through the rest of the year though, and some tribe member would need to guard them into pastures to feed. But it would give us the safety of always having fresh food available for our people in case of shortage!

Potential Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • There are rumors that hunting animals helps increase the chances of this showing up.