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Found in
Oceanic, Continental, Nordic
Produced by
Gathering camp, Farm
Made from
Natural patches, Fields
Used for
Used by
Population, Cider mill
Tree apple 1.png

Apples are a food Crop and a Resource in YMIR. They help provide for your Pigs' vital needs, and are used in Cider production.

The apples do not require processing and can be eaten straight away.

Apples are less filling than other food sources, requiring a higher production than other crops. Combined with the usage in industry will create a bit of a bottle neck if you want to use this crop for your porcos vital needs and for the production of Cider.

Apples are also used by the Cider Mill to make Cider. (this process also requires Pottery)

The gather rate for Apples in a natural patch is 0.03 apples per apple tree.

The gather rate of an field annex is between 0.1 and 0.2 apples per field annex, Field annexes can be places on various vertilities from 1 to 4 it is advisable to plase Fields in the highest possible fertility.

Apples are one of three crops that can be grown in Oceanic and Continental biomes. it is also only one of two food crops that can be grown in the Nordic biome.

The crop is commonly used in these biomes as a food and a production material for Cider the most predominantly used Alcohol in these biomes (Second being Wine).

The crop can be harvested naturaly from apple patches which naturaly spawn in Oceanic, Continental and Nordic biomes or they can be manualy grown using annexes.

The Farm and Gathering camp are used when harvesting Apples from patches or Fields.

The apple patches are usualy spread out and require about 3 gathering camps in order to exploit all trees (Note this does not mean the gathering camps are working at 100%)

In the chart below you can see where Apples grow and are found naturaly.

Terrain Grows
Nordic X
Oceanic X
Continental X