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Bananas are a food Crop in Ymir, and is used to fullfil the Vital needs of your population.

Bananas require a Culture point in order to be consumed and requires another Culture point in order to be grown, gathering from natural patches does not require a Culture point into production.

Bananas can be exploited/grown by the Gathering camp and the Farm.

Gather rate[edit | edit source]

Banana fields can be places on fertilities ranging from 0 to 3 it is advised to place your fields on the highest possible fertility.

Banana yield on 3 fertility is about 0.15 Bananas per field per tick, this yield can be increased by adding more Culture points into the production skill of bananas.

If this production skill is maxed out the yield for a field on 3 fertility is about 0.45 Bananas per tick. (as of v0.3.1.x)

Biome restriction[edit | edit source]

In the underlying chart you can see where Bananas can be grown and found naturaly.

Terrain Grows
Tropical X