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Beans are food Crop in Ymir. Beans are used to fullfil the Vital needs of your population.

Beans require a Culture point inorder to be consumed. Beans also require a Culture point in order to be grown, natural patches can be harvested without a Culture point into Bean production.

Beans can be grown by the Gathering camp and the farm.

Gather rate[edit | edit source]

Bean fields can be placed on fertilities ranging between 0 and 3, it is advised to place your fields on the highest possible fertility.

the aproximate yield per field annex on 3 fertility is 0.15 per tick. this can be increased by spening more Culture point in Bean production.

If the production is maxed out the aproximate yield of a Bean field will be 0.45 per tick (as of v0.3.1.x)

Biome restriction[edit | edit source]

in the chart beneath you can see where Beans can be grown and found naturaly.

Terrain Grows
Tropical X