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The Brickworks is an advanced production building supplied by the Soil Miner. Since soil is relatively ubiquitous, Mud Brick construction provides a quick, cheap alternative to Wooden Palisades and Stone Walls when those resources are in high demand.

In later eras, Bricks become an important construction resource for upgrading production buildings.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession
Brickworks 2 1.png 2 Mud Bricks 3 Axes

4 Wood

2.0 3 Miner
Brickworks 3 1.png 3 Masonry


Bronze Working

5 Shovels

10 Mud Bricks

4 Wood

3.0 3 Miner

Production[edit | edit source]

Recipe Building


Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Water Mud Clay Fuel
MudBricks 2 2.0 0.4 2
2 2.0 0.4 1.5
Bricks 3 2.4 1 1.5 4 Wood
1 Charcoal
1 Coke