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Bronze is an alloy of Copper and tin created in the Foundry.

It is much stronger than its component materials, and is very corrosion resistant, so It can be used to replace Copper in recipes like Axes or Spears.

Bronze is the cornerstone of the 3rd phase of the game, the Bronze age. In this age Bronze will become a valuable resource since many buildings and techs will require bronze in various forms (Shovels).

Bronze is further used to make Furniture.

The research to get this ressource is Bronze working

Product Bronze cost per unit
Axes 0.7
Shovels 1.2
Light helmets 0.3
Spears 0.3
Cuirasses ?
Heavy helmets ?
Shortsword 0.8
Battleaxe 0.4
Scale armors 2
Metal shields 0.8