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Bronze working

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Bronze working
5 Metallurgist
300 Coins, 20 Copper, 5 Tin
House 3 (with Masonry), Large house 2 (with Builders, Mud bricks, Property), Farm 3 (with Ard), Fisherpig 3 (with Fishing boats), Woodcutter 3, Potter 3 (with Kiln), Merchant 3 (with Currency, Metallurgy), Sawmill 3, Modifying terrain height (with Construction foremanship), Wooden platform (with Construction foremanship), Strong gate, Scribe 2 (with Transaction tracking), Tavern 3 (with Fermentation, Currency, Furniture making), Tax collector 2 (with Tributes), Builders 2 (with Sledge, Stonecutting), Shovels, Planks, Bronze

Mixing Metals[edit | edit source]

Now that we know how to make metals as liquid as water, what would happen if we mixed some together? Maybe we could create some new metals that never exist in nature with better properties? Copper is abundant and useful, but it is soft and it wears quickly. Maybe we should experiment mixing it with other metals to see if we can improve this?

Potential Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Metal Casting
  • Smelting Tin into ingots
  • Or having tin and copper in the same stockpile
  • Having at least 3 fully working foundry's (Might need them to be Foundry 2's)

Info[edit | edit source]

Bronze working knowledge unlocks the Bronze Age.