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Tile copper.png

The metal copper is the corner stone of the Copper age.

It is used to produce Axes and Spears.

Copper is made from copper ore that can be found in patches ranging in size. 1.5 ore is consumed to produce 1 copper.

The copper ore is mined by the Mine. The copper ore is then refined into ingots by the Foundry. This proces takes copper ore and a fuel (Wood, Coke and or Charcoal)

Copper is unlocked by the tech Metallurgy.

Copper wil remain a important resource even after the Copper age since copper is used together with Tin in the production of Bronze.

Production rate[edit | edit source]

(Note that production rates may vary due to state policies)

Used by[edit | edit source]

- For the production of Axes

- (can be used to produce Hoes and Hammers)

- Spears

Copper Ingots[edit | edit source]

Copper ingots.png

Copper ingots are refined from copper ore in a foundry.

Copper Deposit[edit | edit source]

Copper deoisut.jpg

Copper tiles can be harvested to yield copper ore.