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Resource, Raw material
Found in
Produced by
Gathering camps, Farms
Made from
Natural patches and Fields
Used for
Used by

Cotton is a Resource Crop in YMIR.

Cotton can only be grown in the Continental biome.

Cotton is used by the Weaver to make Textiles and is an alternative to Wool.

Cotton can be found in natural patches or can be grown manualy with the help of Fields

These patches and fields can used by the Gathering camp and the Farm

The gather rate of cotton differs from other food crops, it is often found that cotton gathers at twice the rate of other Fields.

The gather rate for natural patches of cotton is between 0.03 and 0.04 per tile.

The gather rate for Fields is between 0.1 and 0.2 per field this however varies with the fertility on which the field is placed.

Natural cotton patches are rarer to find than natural patches of Wheat, Carrots and Apples.

Since cotton can only be grown in the Continental biome its fertility is limited to a max of 3 since Continental biomes can not be more fertile then fertility 3. this limits the output of a field of Cotton while its compeditor Flax which can be grown in Mediterranean, Arid and Desert biomes can have a fertility upto 6.

Its other compeditor Wool can be gatherd from Sheep or Llamas this however is not very space efficent.

Here is a chart where cotton ban be found naturaly and can be grown.

Terrain Grows
Continental X