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Culture represents the total knowledges, customs and behaviors of the people in a territory.

A total culture based on the amount of population can then be shared between different types of cultures. "State culture" represents your culture. "Local culture" represents customs and behaviors specific to a territory and different from your main culture shared among all your people. Other foreign cultures might also be present.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Population[edit | edit source]

  • Raw culture production - Amount of raw culture produced by the population.
Unknown Calculation (based on population and intelligence
  • Local culture - Percent of culture produced is local.
Cost = 4 * Distance

Services[edit | edit source]

Services such as Community.png community, theatre, school and academia will create positive Culture. Unlike the culture generated by population, their output is unaffected by the regional government type and is equal in cities, outposts and colonies. TheTavern.png Tavern, contrary to popular believe, will only create social access and revenue and not culture.

At some point the library was supposed to give culture, but due to lack of consumption and demand of the library resource, none is generated.

Despite the values shown ingame, their actual culture output is often times less and rounded up. This error persists into the calculation of the services' economic window and will show generated culture as if it was 100%. The total culture production per consumption is:

  • Forum: 0.75 Culture (No work needed)
  • School: 1 Culture (0.335/Porco)
  • Academia: 1.5 Culture (0.15/Porco)
  • Theatre: 1.5 Culture (0.375/Porco)

A further diminishing return is applied for every extra cultural building towards the total culture of services generated. One building will generate their full culture (not the one shown in goods but based on the values above), while two buildings will only give 85% of their overall output or 75% if learning and entertainment are mixed together (e.g. school + theatre). At 3 buildings it drops to 75% overall output and slowly ebbs off until it reaches 65% around 5-6 culture buildings in. From then on all buildings give at least 2/3 of their cultural production guaranteed.

Decay[edit | edit source]

  • Maximum stored capacity - if current culture is ever above the Culture stock capacity, a decay will occur.
  • Cultural influence - if the percentage of state culture is above the generated percentage, then a decay will occur.

Effects of Culture[edit | edit source]

Total Culture[edit | edit source]

Each territories Culture adds directly to the state culture. Every 10 state culture give 1 point of Knowledge.

Loyalty[edit | edit source]

Adds a direct bonus or penalty to loyalty.

Loyalty = State culture % - non state culture %

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Adds to your population intelligence. Every 1000 state culture gives 1 point of intelligence.