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Docks is a building that is unlocked with Portage. It is used to produce Cargo which is a resource used for trading between cities.

The building has to be adjacent to 3 water tiles with a minimum depth of 2 in order to function.

It takes 320 building to finish a level 1 dock.

The Docks is the water version of the Caravanserai.

For details on setting up trade routes, please see the Guide: Setting up trade.

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Profession Movable
Docks 2 1.png 1 Portage 3 Axes

10 Wood

6 Mud

2.5 4 Traders Red x.svg
Docks 3 1.png 2 Pack animals 3 Shovels

10 Wood

6 Mud

4 Stone

4.5 4 Traders Red x.svg
Docks 4 1.png 3 Trade wagons 3 Saws

6 Plaster

6 Planks

5 Stoneblocs

6 4 Traders Red x.svg