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Elder's council

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Elder's council
Elder's council2.jpg
6 Oldpigs
Tribal council 1, Justice

Solving conflicts[edit | edit source]

Everyone in the tribe knows Schnappy Schnapps, the eldest son of the Porker family. Dumb as a rock and good for nothing... but no one can deny the magnifiscence of his long boar tusks. It wasn't long before Yertruden, the youngest Sow of the Truitus family, fell to his charms, which greatly upsetted his father who refused this union despite the gifts offered by the Porker elders.

Tensions rose and conflict threatened the unity of the tribe. What if Porcos that have nothing to do with the conflict where chosen by the tribe to decide how to settle this situation?

Potential Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • This one kind of comes with time. There doesn't appear to be anything that encourages it's appearance.