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A place of social gathering to discuss matters of the community.

Forum is a building that provides community resource which satisfies the Social Access needs of your pigs. The building needs nothing to create the Community resource you only need to build it.

Community resource also adds to the production of State Culture. You gain +1 State Culture for every point of Community that is consumed if you produce 2 points of community and only 1.6 of it is consumed them you will only get 1.6 state culture per tick this is to avoid Forum spam to keep distant territories loyal.

Resource : Community.png

Picture Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession Movable
Forum 1 1.png 1 Stone building 10 Hammers

4 Wood

30 Stone

2 0 None Red x.svg
Forum 3 1.png 3 Iron working


10 Shovels

5 Planks

12 Stoneblocs

4 Iron

4 0 None Red x.svg