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The Foundry is an early-settlement production building which allows the smelting of Ores into their pure metallic form, like Copper or Silver. Due to the vital role of metals in advancing to new eras, unlocking the Foundry is often considered the most important earlygame milestone aside from Agriculture.

All metals require further crafting from a Tool Maker, Weapon Maker or Jewelry Maker to convert them into useful goods like Axes, Spears or Jewelry (Resource). As you progress in knowledge, metal processing at these buildings typically unlocks in the following order: Copper > Bronze > Iron > Steel.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession
Fundry 1 1.png 1 Metallurgy 3 Hammers

2 Wood

8 Stone

2 Mud

0.5 3 Metallurgist
Fundry 2 1.png 2 Smelting 3 Axes

2 Wood

10 Stone

4 Clay

1.5 3 Metallurgist
Fundry 3 1.png 3 Bloomery 3 Shovels

4 Planks

8 Mud Bricks

3 Clay

3.0 3 Metallurgist
Fundry 4 1.png 4 Blast Furnace 3 Saws

8 Bricks

10 Stoneblocs

4 Cement

4.5 3 Metallurgist

Production[edit | edit source]

Recipe Building


Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Copper Ore Tin Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore Fuel
Copper 1 3.0 1.5 3 Wood
1 Charcoal
1 Coke
Tin 1 3.0 1.5 4 Wood
1 Charcoal
1 Coke
Silver 1 8.0 4.3 5.7 Wood
1.4 Charcoal
1.4 Coke
Gold 1 12.0 8 4 Wood
1 Charcoal
1 Coke

Certain recipes require smelting at much higher temperatures and won't be visible on the recipe list until you unlock them:

Recipe Building


Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Copper Bar Tin Bar Iron Ore Fuel
Bronze 1 1.0 0.8 0.2 1 Charcoal
1 Coke
Iron 1 ? 2 2 Charcoal
2 Coke

Steel production requires processing of smelted Iron at a separate building, the Steel Mill.

Conversion Table[edit | edit source]

The following table shows how many Ore tiles are required for Mining Camps to support a production rate of 1.0 Bars per tick at the Foundry. During smelting, production may pause if you have less than 0.1 Bars worth of resources available (Gold in particular tends to have this issue at less than 16 Ore tiles).

Recipe Need for Production Rate of 1.0 Units
Copper Ore Tin Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore Iron Ore
Copper 12 tiles
Tin 12 tiles
Silver 58 tiles
Gold 160 tiles
Bronze 10 tiles 2.5 tiles
Iron 20 tiles
Steel 20 tiles