Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics[edit | edit source]

In this page you will find different links to wiki pages describing different essential game mechanics, that are very important to the understanding and functionality of the core game, and also mandatory to have a good experience in the world of Ymir.

Icon admin.png Administration
Icon war.png Battle system
Icon conflict.png Conflict
Icon culture.png Culture
Civilisation Point
Icon population.png Population
Icon chat.png Diplomacy
Icon coins.png Economy
Icon coins.png Treasury
Icon workforce.png Employment
Icon event idea.png Event
Icon diplo def.png Fortifications
Icon growth.png Growth
Icon health.png Health
Icon honor.png Honor
Icon intelligence.png Intelligence
Icon knowledges.png Knowledges
Icon legitimacy.png Legitimacy
Icon life qual.png Life quality
Icon loyalty.png Loyalty
Icon annextool.png Nations
Icon resist.png Occupation
Icon paper.png Policies
Icon coin.png Resources price
Icon power.png State power
Icon subjugate.png Subjugation
Icon ressources.png Trade
Icon event vpts.png Victory points
Icon units.png War