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Resource, Luxury good
Found in
Continental and Mediterranean
Produced by
Gathering camp and Farm
Made from
Natural patches and Fields
Used for
Used by

Grapes are a Crop and a Pleasure food in Ymir.

Grapes can be be used without processing as a pleasure food fullfiling the quadenary need Pleasure food.

Grapes can also be used for the production of Wine by the Vineyard.

Grapes can be found in natural patches in the Mediterranean and Continental biomes, natural patches however are rarer to find then the other food Crops found in those biomes like Wheat.

The natural patches seem to be quite loose but still more densly packed then Apples a typical patch ban be fully exploited by a single gathering camp.

The gahter rate for natural patches lies between XX and XX

The Gather rate for fields lies between 0.1 and 0.2 the gather rates seem to match the gather rates for other crops found in the chart of Field

The fields however are exploited more efficently by the Gathering camp and the Farm this allows gathering camps and farms to exploit double the amount of fields. instead of working 20 flieds of wheat a gathering camp that exploits grapes can exploit 40 fields of grapes while at the same efficenty as the gathering camp exploiting the 20 wheat fields.

Since grapes van be grown in the Mediterranean and Continental biome there is a chance that grapes can be placed in fertility 2 or 3 this impacts the production value of the field annex it it thus adviesed to place the field annex in the highest possible fertility if a big output is desired.

Here is a chart with biomes grapes can be found and grown in.

Terrain Grows
Continental X
Mediterranean X