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Hammers are a Stone Age resource that is needed for the construction of many buildings.
Hammers, because of their use in the construction of many early game buildings, may become an early-game bottleneck for players in regions with little Gravel like Oceanic.

Hammers are produced by the Tool maker, and Flint, Copper, Bronze, Iron and Steel can be used to manufacture it, requiring less per hammer the more advanced the metal is. it does not matter how advanced the tool maker is he can allways produce hammers.

The hammer got a base price of 1 coin

Metal being used amount used to produce 1 unit of hammers
Flint 2
Copper 0.3
Bronze 0.3
Iron 0.3
Steel 0.1

Due to the cost of flint vs the other metals it is usual that the tool maker keeps on using flint as his main source for Hammer production to keep the hammers as cheap as possible