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Icon unit javelineer 1 big.png
Ranged Infantry
Approx. era
Stone Age
1 Javelins

The Javelineer is a Ranged Infantry Unit. Available in the Stone Age.

Requires the following equipment for each soldier 1 Javelins.

Javelineers are one of the first ranged unit unlocked during the Stone Age and is the superior ranged unit of the stone age.
Compared to the Rock thrower Javelineers are a lot quicker, have much longer range, and do slightly more damage.
Are obsolescent after Bowpigs.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Their speed and range makes them much more effective defenders, when stationed inside a Palisade fort they can defend even with inferior numbers against large raids.
When on the offensive Javelineers are less effective as they are not only less skilled in melee fighting than the simple warriors, their speed means that they will outrun any supporting infantry making the possibility that they end up first into the melee very likely. Despite having an higher damage output than any of the contemporary regular units they are still easily defeated in close combat.

Usage post obsolescence[edit | edit source]

After Bowpigs become available the usefulness of the Javelineers is heavily reduced. They can still be used as a cheap alternative to bowpigs as they do not need Leathercloth to be recruited, this makes them suitable for massing ranged units and equipping militias until such a time where replacing them with better units is possible.