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The Tribal Council or when upgraded, Magistrate are advanced governmental buildings which offer the Justice (Magistrature.png) service to the public. The primary function of this service is to help settle the arguments between porcos that lead to Conflict (Icon conflict.png), cause porcos to Murder one another, and diminish your territory Loyalty (-1 per Icon conflict.png).

Conflict Reduction[edit | edit source]

The total effect of Tribal Councils depends on three factors:

  •  % Access to the Justice service
  • Base Conflict (increases with population)
  • Policies which affect Conflict

The Justice resource provides a proportional reduction to the total Conflict remaining after accounting for Policy effects, but it can never reduce more than the Base Conflict amount (if your Policy settings result in net +Icon conflict.png). As a result, early game Policies which amplify Conflict both increase the power of each Tribal Council and lower the cap on how much Conflict can be removed by their services.

If a city has net -Icon conflict.png from Policies, then it's possible to reduce the remaining Conflict by up to 33% with 100%Magistrature.pngsatisfaction.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession Movable
Magistrate 1 1.png 1 Elder's Council 10 Hammers

8 Stone

6 Leather

4 Wood

0.3 3 Official Red x.svg
Magistrate 3 1.png 3* Code of Laws

(Bronze Working)


10 Shovels

8 Planks

5 Stoneblocs

4 Clay

3.0 3 Official Red x.svg

* The Tribal Council building skips Level 2 when it becomes the Magistrate, likely due to the large technology gap between the two buildings.

Production[edit | edit source]

To find out how much your buildings will produce, look up your current Workforce and divide it by the Needed Workforce for that recipe.

Recipe Building


Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Clay Paper
Magistrature.png 1 2.0 0.4
1 2.0 0.2

Due to the low Building Efficiency of the Tribal Council, its output may deviate widely with rounding.