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The Kiln is an advanced-settlement production building that effectively replaces the Charcoal Clamp, allowing 2 workers and higher building efficiency for Charcoal production. Later knowledges also allow Kilns to begin producing Coke, Plaster, and Cement for the construction of advanced buildings.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession Movable
Kiln 3 1.png 3 Kiln

Mud bricks

Bronze working

5 Shovels

10 Mudbricks

6 Clay

2.0 2 Miner Red x.svg

Production[edit | edit source]

To find out how much your buildings will produce, look up your current Workforce and divide it by the Needed Workforce for that recipe.

Recipe Unlocked


Cost per Units Produced*
Workforce Wood Clay Mud Coal Charcoal /


3 Charcoal Charcoal 2.0 4 1
Coke Coke 1.0 1
Plaster Plaster 1.0 1 1.5
Cement Concrete ?

* Charcoal production is unusual in that the game calculates it as batches of 3 units. All costs are shown this same way to avoid rounding errors.