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The Library Stores Knowledge. It creates the resource "Library" that is used to store Knowledge. For every 1 "point" of the Library resource you get 1000 (Ratio of 1:1000) knowledge that you can use to research more Techs.

The library points also appear to generate state culture (1 library point = 1 state culture)

Resource : Library.png

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession
Library 1 1.png 1 Sedentism 8 Hammers

20 Stone

0.1 3 Official (Oldpigs)
Library 3 1.png 3 Pictogram writting ? ? ? Official
Library 4 1.png 4 Phonetic writting 5 Saws

10 Stoneblocs

15 Planks

100 Paper

2 2 Official