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Obsidian is an uncommon, stone-age metal in YMIR.

It can be found on any Climate and can be extracted using Flint Collectors.

Obsidian can be used to recruit high-tier stone age units, such as Pitsotl and Eagle Warrior. These can give give a military advantage in the early game.

Weapons that are produced using obsidian are Macanas and Topillis.

While useful, obsidian is not usually considered essential, or actively sought after by experienced players.

Obsidian was introduced in v0.0.11.x "The primitive warfare update"

In Real Life:[edit | edit source]

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass, and is an extrusive igneous rock. It was used historically for making knives and other cutting tools. Mesoamericans made extensive use of obsidian in creating tools, weapons, and decorative pieces.