Padded armor

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Padded armor
Padded armor2.jpg
4 Artisans
200 Coins, 5 Axes, 10 Textiles, 5 Leather
Padded armors

Wearable mattresses[edit | edit source]

Leather is well resistant to cutting, but not really efficient in cushionning blows. Some artisans propose to create a thicker type of armor designed to cushion enemy blows by using cotton and 'quilting': sewing several layers of fabric together. They claim such armor, even by itself could prove far more efficient than expected while only using cheap materials. It could also be used in addition to other types of armor worn above it.

Potential Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Triggers when an army contains previous tier units of padded armor troops (Having an army of bowpigs will trigger padded armor for longbowpigs)
  • The weapon for the padded armor unit might need to be unlocked first.
  • Having a city with at least 4+ weavers/clothing makers might be required (Level rquirement unknown, but consider using the highest level available and keeping their workforce usage high)

Info[edit | edit source]

Padded armor is a Knowledge in YMIR. It allows the ability to field more protected units, outfitted in Padded armors.

This page references the Knowledge Padded armor. For the Resource created, please see Padded armors.[edit | edit source]