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In Ymir, Porcos have various needs organized 4 categories of priority. The highest priority category is called Vital needs and gathers the needs required for basic survival: food and water.

Satisfying the needs of a lesser priority category will not provide any bonus to the Porcos if the needs of a higher category are not satisfied first. Satisfied needs increase the Life Quality of your Porcos. Vital needs also being a critical factor influencing population Growth. As well as increasing health, further helping Growth by decreasing deaths.

Each need category is composed by different types of needs. Each need can be satisfied by one or more consumable resources being distributed to the population. Satisfying the same need by multiple resources increases the quality satisfaction of that need, increasing its Life Quality bonus. It also reduces the consumption of all the same resources competing for that same need: if you distribute multiple food types, the need for each food type will decrease.

Below are all needs listed and what resource/building fulfills them.

Vital needs[edit | edit source]



Secondary needs[edit | edit source]



Social access

Tertiary needs[edit | edit source]



Quatenary needs[edit | edit source]

Luxury acces

Pleasure foods