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Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
The YMIR guide for Pigmen, Resources, Buildings and more written and maintained by the players.
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About YMIR
Ymir is a 4X multiplayer strategy game combined with a city builder where each player develops a civilization of pigmen starting at the stone age.

The resource hiding update - Ronchiporc - 2020/05/24 13:39

The resource hiding update This new update adds a long-needed small feature: the hiding of undiscovered resources. This has been needed for game balance for a long time. The problem was that all resou...

Another Multifix update - Ronchiporc - 2020/05/02 12:24

Here is finally another update with miscellaneous bug fixes, exploit fixes, and general rebalancing! As always, this news also includes in its changelog all the previous hotfixes that were published s...

Hotfixes! - Ronchiporc - 2020/02/13 17:31

Multiple hotfixes have been applied since the last update, rather than a bigger thematic update. This is the changelog of all the cumulative hotfixes including today’s. It includes many bug and exploi...

The ideas propagation update - Ronchiporc - 2020/01/03 15:30

This new small update mostly changes things on the server side, thus it doesnt bring much new things visible to players, and is mostly focused on rebalancing the overall game’s tech progress rythm. Th...

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