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Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
The YMIR guide for Pigmen, Resources, Buildings and more written and maintained by the players.
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About YMIR
Ymir is a 4X multiplayer strategy game combined with a city builder where each player develops a civilization of pigmen starting at the stone age.

The automated trading update - Ronchiporc - 2019/11/08 18:33

The automated trading update Trading upgrade This update’s main focus is the improvement of the trading mechanics and UI. The main point is the addition of a new trading menu, available from the side...

The UDP update - Ronchiporc - 2019/10/11 19:25

UDP networking This update mainly adds the implementation of UDP into the game’s networking, in an effort to circumvent issues with the engine’s poor TCP implementation that’s been causing constant co...

Yet another Score reform - Ronchiporc - 2019/09/06 14:27

This small update modifies once more the score calculation, as i still try to find the right balance. It aims to simplify the score and victory points system by removing the whole system of a referenc...

The score & metals update - Ronchiporc - 2019/07/31 12:53

This small update brings 2 main modifications: In an effort to increase the amounts of ores traded on markets, the amount of ore necessary to refine metals such as copper, tin or iron have been reduce...

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