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Potatoes are an food Crops and a Resource in YMIR. They are used to fulfill Pigs' vital needs.

Potatoes need 1 Culture point in order to be consumed and one Culture point in order to be grown on a field, Potatoes can be gatherd from natural patches without needing to spend a culture point on production of potatoes.

Potatoes and eight other food Crops (Bananas, Beans, Chickpeas, Corn, Dates, Figs, Rice and Tomato) can only be grown in one specific biome.

Potatoes are grown in the Nordic biome. Potatoes are one of only two Crops that can be grown in the Nordic biome the other being Apples.

Gather rate[edit | edit source]

The normal gather rate for potatoe fields on a 3 fertility soil is 0.15 Potatoes per field annex.

Potatoe field annexes can be placed on fertilities ranging from 0 to 3 it is advisable to place field annexes on the highest possible fertility to get the greatest yield.

The yield can additionaly be improved further by spending more Culture points in Potatoe production.

The yield of a single field annex on 3 fertility soil can be brought up to 0.45 potatoes per field when maxing out the cultural production skill for potatoes (as of v0.3.1.x)

Biome restriction[edit | edit source]

In the chart below you can see where Potatoes grow and are found naturaly.

Terrain Grows
Nordic X

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