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Pottery, the product[edit | edit source]


Pottery is a product in YMIR. It is a distributable resource that satisfies the population's need for furnishing.

Pottery is made by the Potter. 0.8 Wood, 0.3 Clay and 0.1 Water is required to make one piece of pottery.

The Potter can use three types of fuel to produce pottery, Wood, Coke and or Charcoal

Wood is most often used in early game to produce pots this takes however a lot of fuel and it is wise to shift if better alternatives are found.

Pottery is unlocked by the tech Pottery Knowledge.

Pottery is often used to make money in a barter society (often allongside Textiles and Cloth)

Production rate[edit | edit source]

(Note rates may vary due to state policies)

Uses[edit | edit source]