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Rice is a food Resources in YMIR. It helpt fulfill the Vital needs of Pig's.

The Rice does not require processing, But they do require a Culture point to be consumed and a point to produce them on a field. Natural patches can be gatherd without spending a point in apple production.

Rice can be gatherd and farmed by the Gathering camp and the farm.

Rice like eight other food crops (Bananas, Beans, Chickpeas, Corn, Dates, Figs, Potatoes and Tomato) can only be grown in one biome.

Gather rate[edit | edit source]

The gather rate of an field annex is 0.15 Rice per field annex if placed on 3 fertility, rice field annexes can be places on various fertilities from 0 to 3. It is advised to place Fields on the highest possible fertility.

The Yield per field annex and the yield of the natural patches can be increased by spending more Culture points in Rice production.

The yield can be increased to 0.45 Rice per field annex on 3 fertility (As of v0.3.1.x)

Miscellaneous uses[edit | edit source]

Rice can be milled into Flour by the Mill this can then be turned into Bread by the Bakery.

Biome restriction[edit | edit source]

Rice can only be grown in Tropical. like the underlying chart says.

Terrain Grows
Tropical X

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