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Steel is an alloy consisting primarily of iron and carbon, with other trace elements. It is used for making weapons and tools. It is a type of Resource.

Steel is the last metal you will encounter and it is also the best replacement for all other metals.

Making steel is relativly costly since a steel mill produces about 0.1 steel per worker.

To create 1 unit of steel 8 workforce is required.

To make one unit of steel you need 4 units of Charcoal or Coke and one unit of Iron.

Steel is made in the Steel mill. Steel is unlocked by the tech Steel knowledge.

Steel is a good replacement for other metals in order to make tools and weaponry since relativly little is needed to produce one unit of product.

Product Steel cost per unit
Axes 0.2
Shovels 0.3
Saws 0.4
Pickaxe 0.8
Ploughs 1.5
Light helmets 0.1
Spears 0.1
Cuirasses 0.8
Heavy helmets 0.4
Brigandines 0.6
Shortsword 0.3
Longswords 1
Battleaxe 0.2
Scale armors 0.8
Metal shields 0.4
Heavy shields 0.5