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The Tannery is an early production building for the Leathercloth resource, which is vital for recruiting military units and satisfies the Tier 2 population need for Clothing. Due to the contention between military and public demand, it is often difficult to acquire Leathercloth in high quantities for military recruiting until you advance to a Barter economy (for declaring State Resources).

Leathercloth also comes with a very high Workforce cost, so players should not expect to fully satisfy public demand for it until reaching at least Level 3 Tanneries. Animal Breeding can be used for renewable Leather production once you unlock it.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession
Tannery 1 1.png 1 Clothing 2 Hammers 1.0 2 Artisan
Tannery 2 1.png 2 Tanning 3 Hammers

2 Wood

2.0 2 Artisan
Tannery 3 1.png 3 Urine Unhairing 2 Axes

2 Planks

2 Stone

3.0 2 Artisan
Tannery 4 1.png 4 Vegetable tanning 2 Saws

3 Planks

2 Stone

3.5 2 Artisan

Production[edit | edit source]

Recipe Building


Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Leather
Leathercloth 1 3.0 1.0