The Primitive Warfare Update

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Great milestone for Ymir as the first experimental test of the “persistent mode” ( 24/7 running server ) will begin with this new update! I will be hosting a persistent server and all the current testers of Ymir will be welcome to join. I expect a lot of issues will rise from this first experimentation… but its still an important step for the project and it should hopefully be still fun.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • fixed misc issues and bugs
  • fixed issues with missing battle reports
  • offline characters in realtime mode no longer increment difficulty and game events such as barbarian raids
  • fixed server connection issues
  • fixed issue with units overprioritizing the pillaging of buildings during invasions or sacks.
  • fixed libraries not working

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • increased terrain fertility of continental climate. Decreased for tropical climate ( only for newly generated regions )
  • increased early game events to boost game start
  • reduced standing army soldier upkeep 0.5 to 0.3 coin per unit.
  • improved issue of allied troop breaching their own walls instead of using gates. Its not perfect yet and it might still fail in too complex layouts that have more than 2 consecutive gates.

Added features[edit | edit source]

  • added 4 new primitive infantry units: pitsolt, eagle warrior, wolf warrior, bearserker
  • added obsidian terrain tile
  • added 3 new resources: obsidian, macanas and topillis.
  • added 2 new techs for obsidian weaponry and beast warriors.
  • added detailed battle reports
  • new running anims for wolves and bears
  • added caching of the “lowres” worldmap textures for faster loading
  • when recruiting units, you can now see the number of inactives by hovering the mouse on the total population icon
  • added “inactivity” -> Characters offline for too long become inactive and elligible for succession. New players can spawn as successor, taking over all the abandonned character’s possessions.
  • added 2 new early game events to boost game start
  • added spawn cool off time that forbids players from recreating a new character before a certain amount of time, to avoid spawn point spamming.
  • added possibility to “abandon” a character. It removes it from the player’s list and control, and makes it inactive.
  • implemented ‘speed boost’ for newly created characters that affects all the main productive char stats ( res prod/cons, demographic growth, research speed, construction speed) to increase dynamism of starting the game. different values for each game mode.

Source[edit | edit source]