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Found in
Oceanic, Continental, Mediterranean and Arid
Produced by
Gathering camps and Farms
Made from
Natural patches and Fields
Used for
Used by

Wheat is a food Crop and a Resource in YMIR. They help provide for your pigs' Vital needs.

Wheat requires a Culture point in order to be consumed. Wheat requires another Culture point before it can be grown, wheat can still be gatherd from natural patches without havign to spend a point into its production.

Wheat can be found in natural patches or can be manually grown using Fields. Natural patches and Fields can be exploited by the Gathering camp and the Farm.

Wheat is the most versatile crop, being able to grow in four different climates: Oceanic, Continental, Mediterranean and Arid. Due to its versatile nature it is often a mainstay for porcos living in Oceanic, Continental, Mediterranean and Arid biomes.

The patches of wheat seem to be less densely packed as natural patches of Carrots but they are more densely packed then the natural patches of Apples. Most of the time in order to exploit every wheat tile in a patch you will need 3 gathering camps. (Note this does not mean the gathering camps are at 100% efficiently)

Gather rate[edit | edit source]

The gather rate of a single tile of wheat can vary between 0.01 and 0.02 per tile.

The gather rate of a wheat Field can vary between 0.1 and 0.2 per Field this depends on fertility the higher the fertility the higher the yield per annex it is therefore advisable to place the field annexes on the most fertile land.

The yield per field can be brought up further by spending additional Culture points in the production skill of wheat, when maxed out it can increase the yield of a single wheat field placed on 3 fertility to 0.45 wheat per tick.

Miscellaneous uses[edit | edit source]

As the game progresses into the later ages the Mill will appear and with it the Bakery. The mill uses the wheat in order to create Flour and the Bakery can use that in order to create Bread this process generates more food then wheat on its own can provide.

Biome restriction[edit | edit source]

Here is a chart where Wheat can be grown or found naturally

Terrain Grows
Oceanic X
Continental X
Mediterranean X
Arid X